Turn That Frown Upside Down

Why is Kailyn's baby-daddy "Jo" so angry. I searched the internet and I couldn't find one single picture of him smiling. I looked back over my DVRed episodes of Teen Mom 2 (don't judge me) and I only saw one time where he half smiled. One time. This is the closest thing I can find to a smile:

Just warms your heart, doesn't it? It's like, what do you have to be upset about you oger? I realize you have problems now. But that didn't happen until after the taping of this season. What is your excuse? He walks around with a pouty face like someone killed his dog. Cheer up little friend, you're on a highly successful MTV show. Life could be a lot worse. You could have been cast on A Shot At Love. Then I would have understood your anger.

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