Maci, What Have You Done?!?!

Maci is one of my favorite Teen Mom's. She snagged a hot guy to be her baby-daddy (even if he does yawn too much). She seems to be a great mom. I've always thought she had a great head on her shoulders. But then I saw this atrocity:


Now, I am not against tattoos by any means. I love me a good tattoo. "Good" being the operative word here. Something tells me little Bentley (Bint-Lee?) got his hands on a tattoo gun and went to town on mama's back. I'm going to assume that this design has something to do with her last name, which is reportedly Bookout. But that page is rippped out of a notebook, and the Os is book have been replaced with cupcakes. Who? What? I can't even make sense of this nightmare of a tattoo. Somebody help me out here.

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