"Kissing Cousins"

Why do I always feel like I need to shower after watching Jersey Shore?

Snooki found out that she "hooked up" with two guys who were cousins. She proudly proclaims that her vagina hurts. Her parents must be so proud. It must be a dream come true to have your daughter fucking people on television. I didn't say person. I said people. As in more than one. She's so awesome.

Sammi returns. I'm so shocked. I thought she left the show. When the cameras followed her home didn't give it away at all. The girl is a nightmare. She is the perfect example of what is wrong with every girl today. Listen to me ladies: You don't have to made a big deal about every damn thing. Not everything is the guys fault. He doesn't have to baby you. If you want to find self worth, do something worthwhile. Stop being so dramatic.

Ronnie is a typical asshole. She should have left his ass after he trashed her room. Something tells me these two love birds will be back together before the end of next episode.

Why is Deena on the show?

The best part of last night's episode was when Mike sent Snooki and Deen ato Times Square. That was a great prank. I have to admit, I think the guy is a moron, but he's smarter than I thought. He comes up with some good ones.

Vinny is a good guy at heart who wants to be a pig like Mike, but just can't because he was raised with morals.

But Pauly is my favorite. He just cracks me up. The whole "I'm mad at you" bit was priceless.

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